tel: 093 494 04 03

03142, Kiev, p.o. box 99

How to join the Alliance?

You need to fill in the application on-line or download the application form, fill it in and send it either by e-mail to or by regular mail to Alliance for Ukraine without Orphans, a/c 185, Kyiv, 03055, Ukraine.

Application Form for a Church
Application Form for an Organization

When your application is reviewed and candidacy approved, you will receive a numbered copy of the Memorandum to sign and return to the Alliance. The new Participant needs to sign the Memorandum and send it to the Alliance together with a copy of financial document verifying the transferred donation for the development of the Alliance. Upon receipt of these documents, the new Participant’s information will be published in the Alliance Registry.

Official publication of Church name, Organization name or individual’s name in the Alliance Registry at the Alliance web-site is the only official confirmation of Alliance membership.

The Alliance is not liable legally, financially or otherwise responsible for actions or inactivity on the part of its members.


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